LangsiKoppi Wedding Venue In Worcester

Whether you are planning a small intimate wedding or a lavish affair, we will meet every one of your requirements. You are ensured of flexibility and attention to detail as well as helpful and friendly service. LangsiKoppi Wedding Venue in Worcester, with its rustic yet elegant atmosphere, plus extensive garden, provides you with numerous options for your ceremony as well as your reception. However you visualize your dream wedding, we will make that dream come true.


Why a wedding planner?

Investing in a wedding planner is the best decision you will ever make. However, making use of our comprehensive, all inclusive package will reduce your costs substantially! Leaving you with a little extra for your honeymoon!


Your dream wedding

As women, we understand the complexities and uniqueness of every girl’s dream wedding. We will endeavour to make that dream your reality and something you will treasure for years to come!


Enjoy a stress-free wedding

Planning your wedding can be a demanding and nerve-racking experience. Leaving this in our capable hands, will safeguard you from all worries to enjoy the planning phase as well as your wedding day.


Personal touch

Our hands-on, step by step, personal approach will let you be part of the exercise, without the additional stress and worries accompanied by the process. Hence, ensuring your special day to be blissful and unforgettable.

You Deserve to Bask in Your Big Day!

You Deserve to Bask in Your Big Day!